App Advance Features


  • Discover local clubs, teams, and events
  • Connect with fellow players
  • Create and organize your own activities quickly
  • Build a network of active friends
  • Receive invitations to explore new sports and activities
  • Specify your location, availability, and interests
  • Choose your preferred positions and skill levels
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Clubs & Teams

  • Link your club with local players
  • Easily collect and track payments online
  • Schedule training sessions, matches, and tryouts quickly
  • Give awards and provide team feedback
  • Discover players by position and skill level
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  • Coaches are listed on the platform, making it easy for users to find and connect with them.
  • Coaches can introduce their training courses directly on the platform, providing detailed descriptions and schedules.
  • All registration and payment processes are handled online through the platform, ensuring a smooth and convenient experience for both coaches and users.
  • Coaches receive ratings from athletes, allowing for transparent feedback and helping other users choose the best coach for their needs.
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